C3Spectra presents the CPI-Pro, a mobile phone app that makes determining, recording and submitting information to the SAS easy and seamless for CPI Installations. The CPI-Pro leverages and presents data points from multiple sources to the CPI, quickly and efficiently providing this critical information to the technician in the field.

Careful documentation of the Transmitters’ installation and transmission information is required, making technician expertise and training critical in the field. The installations must be above a certain height and power, and in areas where the equipment is unable to geolocate itself, must be professionally installed by a CPI. As part of the installation process, the CPI has the legal responsibility of delivering this information to the SAS, the central spectrum management entity tasked with protecting the military and other incumbents of the band.

CPI-Pro provides an easy to use Mobile Application Plus, the app keeps all pertinent installation information going back one year.

  • One app for your indoor and outdoor CBRS deployments
  • App provides accuracy that allows for faster deployment per installation
  • Delivers more spectrum for your indoor GAA deployments
  • Reduce your truck rolls per site

Our unique Indoor solution gets you more channels than traditional channel allocation algorithm by the SAS. As the CBRS space starts getting crowded or in areas where there is expected to be multiple deployments, this adaptability will become crucial.

Deploy, test and record the health of your outdoor deployments by recording geo-referenced information for later use. The CPI-Pro Application provides accurate HAAT and other local information, allowing you to understand and react to data from the SAS. The app’s accuracy helps you meet compliance by helping track declination values and reported parameters, reducing or eliminating CBSD registration rejections due to incorrect HAAT assumptions.

Students who graduate from the C3Spectra Certified Professional Installer Course will receive this app to use free for six months! After the complementary time period, the app can be purchased at a discount. Users can also contact us to purchase the app without taking the CBRS classes.

Increased Capacity

Increase # of Channels your SAS provides for your GAA Indoor CBSDs.

Multi-Deployment Scenario

Design, Edit and Record DAS, Neutral Host and Small Cells with confidence.

Save Time & Cost

Test your CBRS and Wi-Fi networks right in the field.

CPI-Pro offers rich analytics, displaying activity and metadata to help you tweak your deployment models on the go, without performing expensive drive tests. Each CPE installation and its recorded data enriches your models. Correlate aggregated measurement data with the deployment process to ensure better quality in your native processes.

  • Leverage crowd sourced measurements to tweak your Business processes and RF Design models.
  • Integrate Field measurements with your Network OSS data to improve Field and Network Engineering Collaboration.

C3Spectra regularly updates CPI-Pro to WInnForum and CBRS-Alliance OnGo specifications to keep you in compliance.

Design Validation

Validate your Network Modelling by aggregating measurement and Analytics.

Reduce Liability

Minimize Errors and Liability of reporting faults by your Organization and Professional Installers.

Drive Efficiency

Deploy more CBSDs/CPE per visit. Reduce errors and be WInnForum Compliant.

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