Introduction to 5G

Learn what 5G is, its use cases and more
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We offer 5G wireless training courses based on 3GPP standards, developed to help you learn the technology and build a solid foundation of future 5G. These courses cover the fundamentals of 5G wireless communications, including channels, antennas, RF theory, and other relevant materials.

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Intro to 5G

The major service providers across the world are in various stages of rolling out initial versions of 5G technology. Learn what 5G is, its key components, its promises and use cases.

Course topics:
  • Understanding the need for 5G
  • 5G 3GPP New Radio (NR) Logical Architecture
  • 5G protocol stack
  • Demand vs. Capacity
  • 5G Spectrum
  • Sub 6 GHz and millimeter wave propagation
  • System Capacity
  • 5G Link Budget
  • Signaling and transport
  • 5G use cases and best practices
    •  eMBB
    • URLCC
    • mIOT
  • Current and Future deployments

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