RF Essentials

Learn RF planning, Link Budgets and LTE
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This is an instructor led course.

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Our courses are ideal for engineers who are entering the field of wireless communication and looking to refresh and update their knowledge on these topics.

Introduction to RF Planning & LTE

Learn about and develop skills in basic wireless planning techniques, including channels, air interfaces, and optimization techniques to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of RF planning and LTE concepts in this in-depth online course.

Course topics:
  • Link Budget Design for Mobile and fixed wireless for 4G
  • Wireless propagation theory
  • Antenna theory
  • Introduction to wireless network design methodology
  • Introduction to wireless network optimization
  • Introduction to spectrum management
  • Procedures and Protocols
  • LTE building blocks
  • LTE air interface
  • LTE channels

Courses starting in February, 2020. Contact us at training@c3spectra.com