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CBRS Certified Professional Installer (CPI)

Gain insights into CBRS, deployment methodologies and become a CPI for CBRS and OnGo deployments

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C3Spectra faculty possesses both real-world experience and advanced knowledge in the telecommunication, security and networking realm. We are current contributors to R&D areas, Standards Bodies, and architects in providing leading solutions to the Industry. Our achievements and contributions are well noted in the areas of 4G, CBRS, 5G, Networks and Security.

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C3spectra - CBRS, 5G & Cutting Edge Technology Courses

Welcome to C3Spectra’s world of learning and skill improvement portal. A place where cutting edge technology changes and practical learning management coalesce. Modern applications are increasingly mobile and the demand for wireless systems is on an exponential uptick. Advanced and data-intensive applications such as Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, that once required wired infrastructure or going increasingly mobile. Such applications call presence for flexibility and service is provided by a myriad of low powered small cells.

These small cells call for fast and dense deployments to provide the user with the best in class user experience. High bandwidth applications and new verticals are the centerpieces of 5G standards. To realize the next generation economy and bring in innovation and job growth potential from 5G, the US government and FCC adopted rules in 2015 to re-purpose the underutilized spectrum in the 3.5 GHz range for commercial use.

The 3.5 GHz frequency band also known as the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) features dynamic allocation of frequencies to CBRS Devices (CBSDs) depending on their location of operation. The small cells or CBSDs are required to register with a central entity called SAS to register and transmit on the desired frequency. The SAS utilizes the location information and transmission parameters to efficiently protect the current incumbents of the band and provide slices of spectrum for commercial usage.

The reporting of location and transmission parameters of a commercial CBSD is key to ensuring the SAS performs its due diligence. C3Spectra as a WinnForum approved TPA specializes in providing the necessary training to meet the requirements that are expected from FCC and WInnForum.

WInnForum, a multi-stakeholder group was instrumental in working with FCC in defining the rules and specifications of CBRS. The rules, reports and policies for the interaction of SASs, CBSDs and EUDs have been published for consumption by the Industry. WinnForum has defined and manages the framework for CPI training and requirements. One can find more information about the specifications on the CBRS resource page.

C3Spectra in addition to the CBRS CPI training provides comprehensive training in other areas such as DAS in CBRS, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), RF fundamentals, Link Budgets etc. to enable an installer and a CPI to perform OnGo installations. C3Spectra, empowers the CPIs and Installers in the CBRS and other wireless space with innovative Cloud and Mobile Applications that make deployments of Indoor and Outdoor installations a breeze.

The CPI-PRO application is a vendor and SAS agnostic platform that brings in excellent efficiencies in installation and collaboration with the engineering and field operation teams. It has been purpose-built for CBRS installations and meets the requirements that are expected of the SASs to perform their operations. The CPI-PRO underpins various use cases and supports key use cases for new entrants to the field of CBRS such as WISPS, Cable operators, and Private LTE operators.

We provide comprehensive learning with real-world deployment lessons in the field of Network Design, Deployment, Optimization, and Analytics to help you in growing your career. The learning begins with basic wireless technologies and techniques that cover air interference, channels, and optimization techniques to increase the productivity and efficiency of the systems. RF Link budgets, Antenna theory, wireless network design methodology are some of the topics we cover in the course.

We look forward to a combined and fruitful journey in your career growth in learning modern and advanced wireless technologies. The advent of 5G is going to increase the demand for skilled personnel that is knowledgeable and skilled in the new technology, installation, and operation of such systems.

We encourage you to gain such skills so that you are qualified to meet the demand.